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HOURS: Monday - Saturday 9-5
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Huntree Nursery is located in Southwest Michigan (SW MI) near Saugatuck MI, Douglas Michigan, Holland Mich, South Haven, Fennville, Glenn, Allegan.
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Spider Mites -  Insect common on Spruce, caused from drought stress and heat.  Bronzing of
foliage starts in one spot and spreads.  Usually not noticed until it is quite advanced.  Start
looking for signs in mid summer.  

Boxwood Psyllid - symptom is cupping of leaves in summer.  Look for tiny flying pale
yellowish green flying insects hovering around the top of the plant in late May/ early June.

Boxwood Leaf Miner -  Insect larvae lay between the leaf surfaces and hatch out in mid May
and feed between the leaf layers, causing blistering and discoloration later in the season.

These three insects can all be treated with
Bonide Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control.  This
is a soil drench which is easy to use.  Mix according to directions in a bucket of water and
pour at the base of the plant.  No sprayer needed!   Apply this at least 2 weeks before insect
hatch, but it continues to be effective through the season.

Douglas Fir Needle Cast - This is a fungus which is becoming more prevalent.  If you have
Douglas Fir, you should check your trees regularly for this fungus.  It usually shows up on
lower branches.  Needles turn brown and shed.    Spray with
Ortho Disease Control in spring
when new growth is 1.5 to 2 inches longh and then every three weeks through the summer.  
Keep your Douglas Firs watered throughout the summer to prevent drought stress.

Winter Burn  -  Evergreens will show browning usually on the west side of the plant where
the wind has dried out the needles.  This happens when plants have either gone into the winter
dry or lost moisture through the needles when the ground is frozen and the roots cannot take
up additional water to replace the  loss.   The plant may leaf back out in the spring.  Check to
see if the buds at the ends of the branches are swelling.  If so, you'll get new growth.