Hydrangea varieties that we stock on a
regular basis...please check for availability:
Big Leaf Hydrangeas  -  Large dome shaped flowers with glossy dark green leaves.  They
need moist  soil.  They're fine in clay soil.   Do not plant in dry sandy soil.  Plant in location out of
hot            afternoon sun and bad winds.   

All Summer Beauty - Zone 5  Large flowers, pink or blue flowers depending on pH.  4ft x 5ft.
Citiline Mars - Small plant with strong stems and variegated flowers.  Big Long lasting 1-3 ft.
Citiline Paris - Intense deep rose flowers, long lasting, changing to green.  Excellent mildew resistance.   
                   1 to 3 ft. high.
Citiline Rio -Strong pigmentation, early blooming, large long lasting blooms.  2-3'
Edgy Hearts - Zone 5  2 to 4 ft. high Large, intense blooms with dark pinkish-red flowers with thin white
line around margin of each floret.  Glossy foliage. Add aluminum sulfate to turn flowers  blue.
Let's Dance Blue Jangles
Let's Dance Diva -
Super sized blooms!  Baby blue or pink lacecap.  Reblooming
Let's Dance Moonlight - Zone 5   2 to 3 ft. high.  Rich pink or blue flowers depending on
pH.                                      Rebloomer.  Bronze red fall foliage.
Let's Dance Rave - Strong reliable bloomer, intense rich violet-purple or bright pink.  2-3 ft.
Let's Dance Rythmic Blues -  One of strongest rebloomers. Star shaped sepals. Pink or Amethyst blue.  
2 to 3 ft.
Let's Dance Starlight  - Hardy, dependable.  Massive vivid pink or vivid blue depending on soil pH, strong
stems  2-3 ft.

Masja -  Zone 5   3 to 5 ft. high and wide.  Superb deep burgundy pink flowers.  Semi dwarf plant
with      glossy foliage.  Blooms on previous year's wood.  Do not prune hard in fall or early spring.
Cimbing Hydrangeas
anomala petiolaris - Lacey white flowers, sun or shade, shiny dark green leaf, vine up to 30ft
Oakleaf Hydrangeas  -  native!
quercifolia - 4-6ft upright habit. Erect white panicles change to mauve. sun to part shade
Gatsby's Gal'  - Pure white impressive large flowers, compact plant    5 - 6 ft. high  Zone 5
'Gatsby's Star'  - Double blooms with pointed petals,  6 to 8 ft. high  Zone 5
'Snowflake' - White panicles 12 - 15" long. 7 - 8ft high.
PG - Paniculata Grandifora
White cone shaped flowers changing to mauve. Full sun to part shade. Flowers on new wood. Very hardy.
Dependably blooms every year regardless of winter harshness!

Bobo -  New dwarf variety with large white flowers, held upright on strong stems.  Early blooming. 3
ft.               high x 4 ft. wide.
Firelight - Large white cone shaped flowers turning to bright pink.
Little Lamb
- Compact form with showy flowers.  Full round heads, smaller than other varieties.  4 -
6                ft. high.
Little Lime - New dwarf form, a third the size of Limelight.  3 to 5 ft. high.
Limelight - Bright lime-green to white hugh flower heads. Turns pink, burgundy and green in
fall.                        Rarely to never fed on by Japanese Beetles.  6 to 8 ft. high.
Limelight Treeform
Mega Mindy -
Upright sturdy stems.  Large white flowers tiurn pinkish red in late summer.  4.5 to 5.5 ft.
Pinky Winky - Strong stems,upright habit.  Two-toned flowers, white on tip, pink on bottom 3.5 - 4.5 ft
Quick Fire - Blooms a month earlier than other PG varieties.  White blooms begin in late May, turning a     
rich pink.  6 to 8 ft. high.
Tickled Pink -

Vanilla Strawberry -
Enormous flower panicles, a blend of white and pink.  Begin white, tips
changing                to pink and then strawberry red.  Upright becoming cascading later in season.  6 to 7
ft. high.
Zinfin Doll  -  Dense pure white flowers turning bright pink from bottom up, turning dark red/pink 6-8'
Annabelle - Extremely large flower heads. Very hardy. Dependable bloomers. Change from
apple-green to white, and back to green
Incrediball - Giant rounded flower heads on sturdy stems, producing many more flowers
than                                 Annabelle.  4 to 5 ft. high.  
Incrediball Blush
Invincibelle Spirit II -
The pink Annabelle!   Nice pink flowers in abundance on every stem.  3 to 4 ft.


Preciosa - Old fashioned beauty - tried and true.  Deep pink, flowering on new wood.

Tiny Tuff Stuff -  Extremely bud-hardy!  Rebloomer.  Double lacecap flowers on new wood, ranges from
blue, to pink, to white.    Flowers age to pink.    1.5 to 2 ft. high & wide
Tuff Stuff  -  Extremely bud-hardy!  Rebloomer, double lacecap flowers on new wood.  REddish pink
flowers beginning blooming in early summer and continue until frost.   2-3 ft. high
Hydrangeas   2017