Nursery Grown Plants in the Fennville, MI Area

Our Plants

Huntree Nursery is proud to offer to our customers quality plants that are grown with tender loving care.


Trees are the bones of a yard. They can screen unwanted views, are air conditioners, reducing heat in the summer by as much as 20 degrees. Let us help you select the right one for your yard.


We offer a wide selection of flowering, fruiting, and evergreen shrubs to add dimension and color to your garden.


The darlings of the shrub border wow you with their lasting colorful blooms. A full range of sizes allows you to choose just the right one.

*Big Leaf Hydrangeas     * PG Hydrangeas     *Arborescens Hydrangeas                         *Serrata Hydrangeas     *Oakleaf Hydrangeas


What a treasure in the shady garden! Spectacular flowers, evergreen foliage, happy in southwestern Michigan sandy soils and climate. And best of all, they are locally grown!


Hostas are stalwarts of the shady garden. They are easy to grow, low maintenance, and come in many textures, shapes and sizes. We have an extensive collection!

Perennials and Ground Covers

Plant perennials to provide ever changing color and texture and to attract birds, bees, and butterflies, too! We have a superb selection all season along! Ground covers make for low maintenance!


Have we got the daylilies for you! They are versatile, tough and hardy. Choose fragrance, huge blooms, ruffled, spidered, double, picotee, in every color but blue…


Texture and movement add a different dimension to the garden. Most like sun but there are even grasses for the shade.

Native Plants

Well suited to our soils and climate, a preferred source of food and nectar for wildlife and pollinators.

Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetable Plants

We offer a wide variety of fruit trees, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, currants, and other small fruits. Plenty of herbs and vegetable plants are available in our annual houses in season, including heirloom tomatoes.


Our greenhouses are full of beautiful flowers beginning in mid May. Planting in combination with your perennials will add pizazz to your yard.