Native Plants at Huntree

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HUNTREE’S COLLECTION OF MICHIGAN NATIVE PLANTS   Why plant natives?  Because by doing so we are providing food and habitat necessary for our native animals which rely on on specific sources for food and shelter.    They are well adapted to our local growing conditions, which means they require little or no special treatment such as irrigation, fertilization, or soil amendments. Trees                                                                             Ferns... View Article

April 2018 Newsletter

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HUNTREE NURSERY   –    April 2018   According to the calendar it is SPRING!  We’ll just go with that assumption.  We’re here and ready to go!  So just put on your long underwear and get out in the garden.  Eeeek!   Earth Day is getting close.  What’s your plan?  Do something for Mother Earth.  We are, and you can participate with us. Time to SPRING into action! CELEBRATE EARTH DAY          April 22nd Let’s help the Douglas Elementary Volunteer Garden Team with their courtyard garden and gardening curriculum.   HUNTREE NURSERY will donate 10% of all organic product... View Article

Rhododendrons 2018

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RHODODENDRONS    –  Spring 2018 Our Rhododendron are grown locally to perfection and are conditioned to our climate.  Special conditions are required.  They prefer a protected location out of bad winter winds,  humusy organic acid soils that stay moist throughout the season.   Do not plant in clay soils or dry sandy soils.   When planting, dig the hole only as deep as the depth of the pot.   (Rhodos languish when planted too deep!)     Dig the hole wider than the root ball and incorporate peat moss into the existing soil to help hold moisture.    Bark mulch 2 to 3... View Article

Hydrangeas for 2018

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HYDRANGEAS FOR 2018 Our inventory changes through the season.  Please check with us if you are looking for a specific variety. Annabelle type:                                                                                                    Oakleaf Annabelle                                                     ... View Article

Hosta Availbility for 2018

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HOSTAS FOR 2018 This list may not be totally accurate since our inventory is constantly changing.  Call to verify a variety. Abiqua Drinking Gourd                                       Hadspen Blue                                     Robert Frost Albo Marginata                                                      Halcyon                 ... View Article