April 2018 Newsletter

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HUNTREE NURSERY   –    April 2018


According to the calendar it is SPRING!  We’ll just go with that assumption.  We’re here and ready to go!  So just put on your long underwear and get out in the garden.  Eeeek!


Earth Day is getting close.  What’s your plan?  Do something for Mother Earth.  We are, and you can participate with us.

Time to SPRING into action!

CELEBRATE EARTH DAY          April 22nd

Let’s help the Douglas Elementary Volunteer Garden Team with their courtyard garden and gardening curriculum.   HUNTREE NURSERY will donate 10% of all organic product purchases made on Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd.  Douglas Elementary Garden Team is an ambitious group of volunteers who are busy educating students.  Every student contributes to the courtyard garden.  They do Monarch Butterfly education including a butterfly release program, worm and composting education and more!

It’s time to get out there with your pruners.  Shorten down your roses and take out any dead branches (ones that aren’t green).  Even your Knock Outs will benefit.   They’ll be thicker and have more flowers if you give them a trim.  PG Hydrangeas and Annabelle Hydrangeas can be cut way back.  They’ll spring right back and have tons more flowers.  The pink and blue Hydrangeas just need to have last year’s flowers cut off.  Don’t trim them back past where they grew last year.  They need those buds to produce flowers this year!


While you are out there, apply Espoma organic fertilizer to give them some go-power!  Fertilizing does make a difference.  It also has mycorrhizae in it, natural good bacteria, which helps develop a good root system so your plants can be robust performers.


If you had problems with fungus or insects on your fruit trees last year,  nows the time to do the first application of Bonide Fruit Tree Spray.


Is your yard lacking a Forsythia bush?  (Everyone needs at least one Forsythia in their yard!)  We have some nice 3 footers in 5 gallon pots for instant color.  And our Pussy Willows are showing, too.  Amelancier (Serviceberry) are ready to pop – a great native plant, great in all seasons.   Another great early spring plant is Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas) – lovely yellow flowers very early and great fruit for the birds in the fall.  Perfect!


Think about getting some seeds planted in your veggie garden:  peas, carrots, lettuce, kale, beets, radishes, spinach, all the stuff that’s good for you.


Our Rhododendrons just came in.  And of course, they are gorgeous and loaded with flower buds.   They are locally grown to perfection and conditioned to our climate.  See the availability list on our webpage.  Click on BLOG on the righthand side of the top bar.  We even have Capistrano, a yellow one!


Check out our new super organic soaps by Sally Ander.   They smell wonderful, of course, since they are made with essential oils.  Morning at the Lake, Lavender Moon, and Milk and Mint.  Yum.


We’re looking forward to a beautiful season.  We’re hoping you’ll make us a part of your gardening plans.


All of us at HUNTREE NURSERY     269-543-3761



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