October 2018 Newsletter

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Can you believe it’s coming to an end???
There’s still a lot to do outside, so you better get out there if we get some sun and no wind. It’s not fun being out there in the snow putting away the hose.

Trim your Hydrangeas. Need advice? Go to our facebook page Huntree Nursery and watch Cindy prune Bigleaf Hydrangeas, PG Hydrangeas, and Butterfly Bushes the right way. Click on the videos and see how to do it.

Cut back all perennials to the ground.

Shorten the long branches of roses this fall so they’re not waving around in the winter wind (and then cut them back to shape and remove dead canes in the spring).

Mow over the leaves on your lawn. Then use them to mulch your garden. It’ll add wonderful organic matter to your soil by spring.

Mulch your sensitive plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Holly Pieris, etc.

Plant bulbs. This may be your last chance to add that gorgeous burst of color that you will be longing for in the spring. (We still have some ‘Huntree’s Giant’ red tulips! They are spectacular).

There’s still time to plant a tree… (it’s not too late) …. or find a nice birdbath for someone on your list.

If you haven’t brought in your house plants…. it’s probably too late.

Spray your evergreens (Boxwood, Holly, Rhododendron, Arborvitae) with antidessicant to prevent winterburn. It seals in the moisture, protecting it from harsh winds. We have it in vials of concentrate that makes a gallon for $3.50. Such a deal. Spray when the temperature is above freezing so it can dry on the foliage.

Try growing some herbs in a sunny window. Start from seed or bring in your herbs from the garden.

Make sure your newly planted plants go into the winter moist. Give them a good shot of water as needed, depending on whether or not Mother Nature blesses us with rain in the next couple weeks.

Our last day of regular hours is November 1st. After that we will be around (lots of work yet to do around the nursery). When we’re here the lights and open sign will be on. Please some in.

Otherwise, you can call 269-543-3761 or call my cell 616-886-1319 and we can plan to meet you here at an arranged time.

Hey! Do we have a trap for you! We just got these super duper mouse traps. The mice don’t have a chance! Get those buggers!

We’ve been trade-show-shopping and have found lots of fun things for the spring. So, we’ll be looking for you in 2019.

Give us a call if you need a gift certificate (which we can even do over the phone) or a Christmas present for that special gardener in your life.

Thanks for a great season! Have a good winter and we’ll see you in the spring.

Jan and the Huntree Gang

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