Huntree Nursery April 21, 2020 Newsletter

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Hi out there!

We are really sorry we have to shout out to you through a newsletter instead of out the front door.  We are chomping at the bit to get going this season, and it’s surely not happening soon enough.  I am not even going to say the word that we are all very sick of hearing.


This is the situation.  We cannot sell anything.  We cannot deliver.  So the best we an do is compile a list of anyone who wants a delivery or wants to be called just as soon as we can open up.  Give us a call at 269-543-3761.   We will add you to the list.


We have begun to receive plants in anticipation of opening day!  We are filling up the garden center with great plants to fill your needs and wants.  Our local Rhododendrons are here and as usual, they are gorgeous and dress up our front.  They are full of big fat flower buds!  Can’t wait til they burst forth with fabulous flowers.  Our Hydrangea aisle is full of fun varieties.  Just took a quick count… 38 varieties at the moment.  Maybe you might need ‘Love’ or Grateful Red’ or ‘Cherry Explosion’ or ‘Rhythmic Blue’ or the dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea ‘Munchkin’, to name just a few.


Thinking of birds and bees and butterflies?  Our favorite #1 Monarch attractor is the small tree Seven Sons Flower.  The very best tree for bees is the Linden.  Looking for a tree loaded with luscious berries for the birds?  Look for Mountain Ash or Amelanchier (also known as Serviceberry).


I know everyone is freaking out about getting their garden planted.  It will all happen.  We have a whole month before most things need to go in.  (You can’t rush tomatoes and peppers.  They don’t like cold air or cold soil!)  There are plenty of veggies growing in the greenhouses, just waiting to be shipped out to the garden center.  So take a deep breath.  It’ll be ok… some how.   Just saying….. you don’t have to hoard tomato plants — you know, like the toilet paper situation.


Now is the perfect time (espeially due to the fact that you may have time on your hands) to go out and check your yard for those evil garlic mustard weeds.  They are so awful! Don’t let them get a toe-hold on your property.  They are starting to emerge now… And so are the little seedings from last year’s seeds – prolific little devils (just two leaves right now).  Pull them, put them in a bag, and send them to the trash man.  Do not leave them laying on the ground.  They are so stubborn, they’ll keep growing.


It’s a great time to get a head start weeding your garden.  It’s a lot easier to get ’em when they are little.  Be sure to NOT trim your Lilacs, Weigela, Abelia, Bigleaf Hydrangea or Quince now.  You’ll be disappointed if you do.   (You’ll be cutting off the flower buds.)


My guess is that when we can open, it’ll be curbside, no social contact.  We’ll make it work somehow!  We may have to have our conversations over the phone – you on the outside and staff on the inside.  We’ll see how it all shakes out.  Bring your masks!


Please do your thing and stay home and be safe until we get the signal.

Hang in there!


Jan and the Gang


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